Design & Maintenance

Design & Maintenance

Design and Build Power Grids

With years of experience bring power and energy to Wyoming projects, we know how to design and build power grids to meet standards and codes in a timely way.  Whether your power project requires crossing federal, state, or private land, we have the expertise to ensure it meets specs.

We pay attention to our clients' needs and we build the power grid to best suit those needs. Substation placement, distribution, and transmission are all planned, designed, and  built to serve our customers with excellence.

We understand how this phase of your project affects its profitability and feasibility and we will work closely with you to bring the project into your budget.

We always strive to make sure the best technology, materials, designs, and maintenance plans are used to make the most efficient system for our customers. We currently have 98.6% repeat business rate, proving our customers are very satisfied with our work.

Maintenance Services

  • Maintenance services include:
  • Pole testing
  • Line patrol
  • Switch maintenance
  • Overhead line maintenance,
  • Underground line maintenance
  • Pole change outs
  • Conductor repair, etc.

Long Term Planning for Budgeting Power Grids

We understand the business side of your project. We intend to be here for the long term to help our clients meet their financial goals. We are happy to work with you regarding long term budgeting of your power grid design and maintenance.  We have long term projects of 20 years or more on our books, and short term build and remove schedules of less than 5 years.  WE can service your power needs no matter the timeline or budget schedule.

Maintenance Training

Some of our clients want to operate their system with their own staff. We can train your staff to operate any equipment we install. We have a well thought out and extensive training program. In short, your needs are what drive our services and we make the extra effort to customize our services to each situation.